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CHARLES R. CAPACE, born April 3, 1946, Providence, Rhode Island.
  • BAR: 1972, Massachusetts Bar and Rhode Island Bar; admitted to practice in the Federal District Courts of Massachusetts, the First Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

  • EDUCATION: Brown University, Cum Laude, with honors (BA 1967); Boston College Law School (1970).

  • PRACTICE AREAS: Civil litigation representing individuals catastrophically injured by defective products, medical mistakes, medication errors as well as by highway negligence.
      Successful results include:
    • $10,000,000 verdict against hospital pharmacy personnel who administered a massive drug overdose to a premature infant resulting in permanent developmental delays
    • $14,000,000 settlement for a group of Massachusetts women who were either paralyzed or died from ingestion of a foreign-made food supplement that was contaminated in the manufacturing process
    • $2,850,000 verdict for a man who suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 85% of his body when the victim followed the instructions on a gas can encouraging indoor use and the fumes ignited from a hidden pilot light in the stove
    • $3,200,000 verdict against the MBTA when one of its buses skidded and impaled a woman’s leg on the broken stub of the bus stop sign
    • $700,000 result for a woman who, operated on for a hernioraphy by a resident rather than the senior doctor of her choice, suffered partial sexual dysfunction when her ilioinguinal and genitofemoral nerves were accidentally cut
    • $600,000 verdict for a woman who, as a condition of visiting her brother in a local house of correction, was strip searched and forced to undergo visual inspection of every bodily orifice


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